Hello! I am Tristan Karch, a Ph.D. student at Inria in the Flowers team under the supervision of Pierre-Yves Oudeyer and Clément Moulin-Frier. I am working on Grounding Language Agents and Curiosity-driven exploration.

Experience In industry

R&D Machine Learning Engineer

PNB Paribas Innovation Lab

New York, USA

06/2018 - 05/2019

Natural Language Processing (NLP) for clause extraction and question answering in legal documents, benchmarking of both pre-trained and legal specific word representations for text classification and question answering tasks.
Computer Vision for Semantic Segmentation of PDFs (implementation of a Fully Convolitional Neural Network).

Research and Teaching experience


University of Bordeaux.

Bordeaux, France

Fall semester 2020

In charge of Introduction to Programming in Python (4TPM101U) and Development of Pyhton Applications (4TPM110U).

Reinforcement Learning Intern

Supaero RL Initiative (SuReLI)

Toulouse, France

2016 - 2017

Reinforcement Learning applied to control the wing sail of an autonomous sailboat (stall avoidance and control of systems with hysteresis).

Teaching Assistant


Lausanne, Switzerland

Fall 2012 and Spring 2016

In Charge of Analyitcs II as well as Physics II.


PhD in Computer Sciences


University of Bordeaux

10/2019 - Present

Grounded Language Learning.
Intrinsically motivated Reinforcement Learning.
Language as a tool to enhance learning and reasoning in autonomous agents.

MSc in Machine Learning


Toulouse, France


Major in Decision and Data Sciences - Minor in Autonomous Systems & Robotics

MSc in Mechanical Engineering


Lausanne, Switzerland


Major in Computational Fluid Dynamics - Minor in Computational Sciences 

BSc in Mechanical Engineering


Lausanne, Switzerland




First and second year at EPFL.
Third year of BSc as an ERASMUS student in DTU Denmark

Programming skills

General:Python, Java and C++

Auto-differentiation:Pytorch, Tensorflow

High Performance Computing:Bash, Slurm, Docker

Contact Info

Tristan Karch
+33 625273597


In my free time, I love to play music (saxophone and guitar), watch football games with friends and ride my bike in the city. Sportwise I snowboard during winters and occasionally surf during summer.